Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Featured stamper of the week

I am pleased to introduce my third guest stamper, Evelyn H, who just happens to be my mother-in-law :) Evelyn has created a variety of crafts through the years but recently her main crafting focus has been paper crafting, primarily card making. Evelyn isn’t afraid to try new techniques no matter how tedious or difficult they might be. I love seeing each new project she creates as they are always a work of art. I will be featuring only a small sampling of those projects but hopefully they will be enough to prove my point ;)

Shadow box card with reflection technique

Explosion card- closed
Explosion card- open
Waterfall card

Origami box and matching squash book
Box closed
Book closed

Book open- first page
Book open- second page

Accordion card- front cover
Open view
Bookmark pictures in view

Hidden picture 1
Hidden picture 2

I wish I could show you all of Evelyn’s fabulous projects but time is limited. Since she’s always making something new and even more beautiful each time, I’m sure you’ll see her creations on my blog again sometime :)

Evelyn, thanks so much for sharing your creative talents with us!

Have fun stampin’ and creatin’!


debinicol said...

WHOA! one project is just better than the other...but my most favorite would have to be the horses...have never done that wonder you talk about her work so much...awesome job Evelyn.

Lisa said...

Wow, Michelle, you definitely made your point... your mil is fabulously creative!!! Love the attention to details also! Thanks for sharing!!!

Alicia said...

Wow!! Wonderful projects. Thank you so much for sharing your MIL's talent with us. Keep up the great work, Evelyn.