Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pop-Top Cans
by Michelle Hoffman

Pop-top can (I used a 4 oz can)
Safe Cut can opener- (I used one by Chefmate found at Target)
Paper Cutter
other cutting system, or 1 3/4” circle punch
Crystal Effects or alternate strong liquid adhesive (to attach bottom lid to can)
Mini Glue Dots or alternative adhesive (to attach flowers to tag)
Sticky Strip (Red Liner Tape) or alternate strong adhesive
2-Way Glue Pen

Card stock- 8.5” long by 1 7/8” wide strip (here I used Regal Rose), 1 3/4” circle (here I used Certainly Celery), Whisper White for flowers
Stamp sets: Stampin’ Around jumbo wheel- Flitting By; Canvas Background; Designer Label
Inks: Stampin’ Around Jumbo ink cartridge- Pretty in Pink; Classic Stampin’ Pad- Certainly Celery
Punches: Designer Label; Spring Bouquet Flower; 1/8” circle punch
Ribbon: 2 pieces- 8.5” long each (here I used Grosgrain Light Orchid)
Assorted ribbon pieces- 4” long or less (here I used Grosgrain White, Rose, Light Orchid, Celery) Pieces of cardstock or other paper for filling the can
6 Hershey Kisses or other goodies

Optional- Pearl Ex and hair spray (to add shimmer to your project)
Optional- Fray Check (to prevent the ends of the ribbon from fraying).

Step by Step

Step 1
Using the safe cut can opener, open the bottom of the can so that you keep the top of the can intact. (It is best to use a soft or safe cut can opener because it opens the can from the side of the rim instead of the bottom of the rim to prevent jagged edges).

Step 2
Soak the can in hot water or use a cleaner such as Goo Gone to remove the label and glue. You don’t want any bumps showing from beneath your paper.

Step 3
Place the chocolates in the can first, and then fill the rest of the can with the crimped paper.

Step 4
Using a liquid adhesive such as Crystal Effects, place the glue along the lip of the rim.

Step 5
Place the lid back onto the bottom of the can and press it firmly down.

Step 6
Place a book on top of the can to firmly press the lid down as the glue hardens. I place a piece of cardboard between the can and the book to avoid imprints on my book.

Step 7
Take the card stock (here I used Regal Rose) and cut it at 1 7/8” wide by 8.5” long.

Step 8
Using “Flitting By” Stampin’ Around Jumbo wheel with jumbo cartridge (here I used Pretty in Pink), roll out the design on your strip of card stock.

Step 9 (optional)
Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp Pearl Ex to a travel sized bottle of hairspray (here I used Flamingo Pink from Assortment 3 from Stampin’ Up!). Shake gently. Spritz on your cardstock for a shimmery look. Don’t spray too close as that creates splotches. You want a light mist on the paper. Also, since it is a spray, it will spray on items around your work area, so place old flyers or such underneath and around your project. Let the card stock dry (this takes just a few minutes).

Step 10
Once your card stock is dry, apply Sticky Strip (also known as Red Liner tape) to the back of it. You can use glue dots instead, but I have found that they tend to show a bumpy pattern. Peel the backing off of the Sticky Strip or Red Liner tape.

Note: You want the can to face you this way so that when you adhere the card stock to the can, the seam is at the back of the can, the side not facing you.

Step 11
Adhere the card stock, with the seam at the back of the can, as mentioned in the above note.

Note: You will want to overlap the CS ends slightly but not where it is too bulky. The width can be adjusted shorter to accommodate another layer of CS or made wider in place of the ribbon.

Step 12
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 8.5” long each (here I used Light Orchid grosgrain ribbon). Attach Sticky Strip (or Red Liner tape) to both pieces of ribbon.

Step 13
Peel the backing off of the Sticky Strip (or Red Liner tape) and adhere one piece of ribbon to the bottom rim of the can, starting over the seam of the card stock. Adhere the second piece of ribbon to the top rim of the can, starting over the seam of the card stock.

Note: I adhered the ribbon over the top rim, but you can adhere the ribbon just below the top rim if you prefer that look.

Step 14
Stamp an image from Designer Label Punch kit on to matching card stock (here I used Certainly Celery card stock and Classic Stampin’ ink). Punch the image out using the Designer Label Punch.

Step 15
Place Sticky Strip (or Red Liner Tape) on the back of the label. Adhere to the front of the can, in line with the tab on top of the can.

Step 16
On Whisper White card stock, punch out two matching flowers using the Spring Bouquet Flower punch.

Step 17
On Regal Rose card stock, punch out two holes using the 1/8” circle handheld punch. Open the “mouth” or bottom of the punch by pulling down on the tab. Retrieve your two punched circles.

Step 18
Apply liquid glue to the Regal Rose 1/8” circles (here I used a 2-way glue pen)

Step 19
Apply a mini glue dot to the center of each flower on the back side, and adhere to the label on the pop top can.

Step 20
Apply ink (here I used Certainly Celery) to a small portion of the Canvas Background stamp. Stamp your image on matching card stock (here I used Certainly Celery). I find it easier to apply a solid image of a large stamp like this one if I stand up and apply pressure to the stamp while pressing it down on the paper with both hands.

Step 21
Using the Coluzzle (or other cutting system), cut out a 1 3/4” circle.

Step 22
Insert the 1 3/4” circle into the 3/4” circle punch so that the card stock is covering half of the 3/4” circle. Punch that section out.

Step 23
Turn the 1 3/4” circle over to the plain side, and adhere a strip of SNAIL adhesive to the end of the circle, opposite the notched section. This way when you place the circle on top of the can, it will not stick to the can until you are ready to adhere it in place.

Step 24
Lift up the tab very slightly to allow room for the circle to slide beneath the tab, and adhere the circle when you have it in place.

Step 25
Cut ribbon into lengths of 4” or less, or use scrap pieces of ribbon. (Here I used two of each color: Rose, Light Orchid, White, Celery grosgrain ribbon)

Step 26
Lift the tab slightly, and slide the ribbon half way under the tab. Tie the ribbon into a knot. Cut the end of the ribbon on an angle.
Note: You may want to trim the ribbon as you tie each piece so that you don't miss an end as you add more ribbon to the tab.

Step 27 (optional)
To protect the ends of the ribbon from fraying, I use a sewing product called Fray Check. It can be found in any fabric/sewing store or sewing department. I apply it to all the ribbon ends.

Step 28

Finished project (top view and front view).


kelsey said...

Well Michelle, I for one am very happy that you started a blog and I LOVE how innovative this project is. I found your blog through Tim's fantastic tag tutorials/giveaways...glad I clicked on your name! ;-)

Rochelle W said...

Super cute. I have an idea for the containers. When I put the candy in, I put paper shred on top of that so that when it is opened, the candy is in a bed of shred.

TotallyAddinktive said...

oh wow how gorgeous!